Laura Padgett - Space over Time (Raum über Zeit)

her new book on the Städel-Museum Frankfurt/M.

This book of photographs is about paying attention to the transitory. It contains images of processes, some of which solidify into concrete space, some of which disappear. Laura J. Padgett’s sensitive observations of the ephemeral, of palpable materiality and light, of the loss that is often involved when creating something new, are chronologically combined in this book resulting in a narrative of shifting surfaces resolving into form. The Städel Museum in Frankfurt a.M. served as muse for the artist’s perceptual contemplations on transience, permanence and the abstract beauty. Padgett’s background in painting and film informs this body of work which she photographed from January 2010 until January 2012, during construction of the museum’s new wing and renovation of its existing building by the architectural firm schneider+schumacher. This book presents a choice selection of her analogue photographs of this two year period, offering insight into space, time and perceptual poetics while never neglecting the concrete reality of the object of inquiry.

Authors: Adrian Giacomelli
Artists: Laura J. Padgett

20 x 23 cm
112 pages
91 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-278-8
30 Euro