AVALANCHE - Marc Schmitz | Painting - Jenny Oellerich | Sculpture

26 April, 2013
5 June, 2013

We cordially invite you to the opening of this exhibition on Friday, April 26,2013, 6-9 pm.

On the occasion of the Gallery Weekend, we have special opening hours:
Saturday, 27 April and Sunday, 28 April 11 am - 7 pm.

We are pleased to present two interesting, and at the same time very contemporary positions in reference to painting and object – in the work of Marc Schmitz and Jennifer Oellerich. And at the same time to open this exhibition as part of this year's Gallery Weekend.

Marc Schmitz sees reduction to essential elements of the medium itself - that is, the substance of the color as well as the way of their coloration, their organization in the internal space of the canvas, and the character of the image carrier - as a key challenge of his artistic self-understanding within the non-representational painting. The corporeal presence of colors, their consistency, their emotional appeal and mutual influence form along with the canvas, the 'idea' and the 'content' of each work. In a kind of directed random and with the means of fine pictorial interventions, Marc Schmitz takes impact on the image space and on the aura of the painting; the recourse on a process-oriented procedure which includes as well the unforeseen transfers the material plane into an intangible image space. The paintings give "readable notes on Schmitz 'planning and implementation of the act of painting - on the lasting quality of its intuitively comprehensible gestures during the application of substances, applying the glazes and disposition of hot and cold contrasts - bundled to a knowledge of the work itself." (J. Schilling, 2010)

In her artistic work, Jennifer Oellerich shifts in the media of sculpture, drawing, photography and installation. She experiments with and exceeds these limits as well as those of science in utilizing exceptional materials. For her, rain and the marks of different weather phenomena becomes the starting point for a reflection on the existential conditions of our existence as well as for the limits of knowledge of the outside world, for example in meteorology and astronomy, but also in quantum physics.

On surfaces prepared with bitumen paint rain is captured, collected and archived: the traces left by the rain act as a "pencil of nature" and show similarities with images of galaxies. Rendered in ceramics, they evoke associations with images of lunar landscapes or electron microscopy images. The design language is consequently borrowed from science. The result is a synthesis of ancient, elemental material with actual pictures and viewing habits: unique graphisms from drop’s traces.
(T. Sauerlander, 2012)

Marc Schmitz, born in Hamburg in 1963, studied philosophy and art at the Universities of Hanover, Munich and Berlin. Lately, he exhibited internationally in museums, mostly in Asia, and participated in biennials such Busan / Korea, Beijing and Cairo. This year, he is represented in Venice and Aarhus. Marc Schmitz lives in Berlin.

Jennifer Oellerich, born 1974 in Cuxhaven, studied at the Berlin University with Tony Cragg and Florian Slotawa, followed by a semester in Israel. Since 2009, she participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions both at home and abroad. She lives in Berlin.