Gisela Kleinlein | Uwe Esser – Loops and Scoops

- Objects | Paintings | Works on paper

18 September, 2009
7 November, 2009

The new exhibition of Uwe Esser and Gisela Kleinlein, two artists who both have studied at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts, shows an interweaving of both positions, despite or especially because of opposed approaches to their work. Uwe Esser has started with painting, transfers his artistic way of thinking into wall installations and developed it from there. Gisela Kleinlein mainly works on objects, that develop a new context in the room, and only supplemented this lateron by works on paper. The Galerie Seitz & Partner shows these two artistic positions in a joint exhibition: here, the works do not complement or connect with each other while being presented in the same premises, but they also show their differences.