14 April, 2015
20 May, 2015

transform - this could mean: to transfer seemingly simple materials and forms into another presence, into a new pictorial or sculptural context ...
to play between abstraction and figurative associations ...
to search the relationship between object and energy flow. ...
But above all: to change ones location in search for the optimal viewing angle over and over again. Because paths are made by walking them.

We cordially invite you to attend our forthcoming exhibition: transform. Everything is in flux - the title is program!
It aims to give insight into different series of works from artists with which the gallery has been cooperating closely for many years - but in a dichotomy: a modified form of presentation, which should allow discussions- with these juxtapositions.

Opening: Tuesday 14 April 2015 6 - 9 pm
Marc Schmitz | Tayfun Erdogmus | Karin Kieltsch | Nicole Brémond | Jochen Proehl | 14-29 April 2015

Opening: Tuesday 5 May 2015 6 - 9 pm
Christina Paetsch | Uwe Esser | Wolfgang Rüppel | Sonja Weber | Holger Walter | 5-20 May 2015